Eliminating anything hardware-related is the ambition of WIZZIT Digital. That has been the main driver for our route to create WIZZIT Tap2Pay, the certified Tap on Phone plus pin solution. Enabling merchants to accept card payments at all levels of the merchant pyramid is the first step but is it enough?

Why stop there?  Anywhere around the globe micro merchants, small and even medium-sized merchants also want and should have access to a full POS solution, preferably in their pocket, without needing to pay for the hardware including mPos devices.

A so-called mobile merchant in the box solution, a one-stop-shop for even the smallest of merchants allowing them not only to accept payments but with value-added features which enable them to run their business on their existing device. Yes, that makes sense.

We continue to read it again and again COVID-19 has been the greatest catalyst of all time for anything digital. In that light digital tools should be available to all types of merchants, we see it as our professional duty to provide them with solutions that not only digitize their payments but equips them to have an instant mobile shop (so in case of lockdown the merchants can continue to serve their customers), can manage inventory, can add staff to do check out wherever in the store, can purchase directly from the wholesaler, and keep track of the daily cash position across all payment options, and so forth.

The combined effort of the strategic partners WIZZIT Digital and SignCatch makes this a reality; it is a powerful solution aimed at empowering the merchant to optimize how they run their business. The mobile merchant in a box is a great equalizer that will bring current micro and small merchants who have been left out into the digital payment ecosystem.

Interested to learn more about the WIZZIT Digital/SignCatch merchant in the box solution, do contact us on LinkedIn or email us at support@wizzitdigital.com