WIZZIT operate their business in Central America through their partner Todomovil and were delighted to have been approached by the government of one of the countries in the region.

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown was making the distribution of social grants, pension and welfare payments extremely difficult and a major health risk in spreading the Virus.

WIZZIT/ Todomovil were approached to develop and deliver a digital solution in 3 phases, within a very tight time frame.

Phase One – customer on boarding; account activation; cash in and cash out; disbursements and payments via USSD channel.

Phase Two – as above but with APP for Android and IOS.

Phase Three – the provision of the integration into a Loans System for the government to disburse loans and collect repayments.

Chatbanking and Tap2Pay for e-commerce and SoftPOS to be launched in subsequent phases.

Final UAT is underway with anticipated Go Live in early September of Phase One and Two.

This is a very proactive step by the government and demonstrates real and tangible commitment not only to digital payments but financial inclusion.

A very cost effective, secure solution solving a real problem implemented in a very short period of time.

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