I read with great interest the article below and it took me back to 2004 when we launched with Mobile banking. I was interviewed by a journalist who asked me what the greatest business challenge was in launching with this disruptive innovation. I responded  – “changing people’s behaviour” and interestingly the lever for the change was around safety and security – getting robbed of your hard earned cash that was safely hidden under your mattress.

16 years on and the lever is Covid-19. I would add to this article that Covid-19 has not only accelerated the move from cash to cashless but from cash to contactless. The challenge with the innovation todate is that it is restricted to low value Pinless which may have merit in crime free societies but common sense dictates that a contactless payment with a pin – inputted on your own device – has to be the way to go. WIZZIT Digital and Tap2Pay are the global forerunners in this space – undoubtedly the next wave in payments and digital inclusion.

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