I refer to the article attached written by Jorn Lambert  – Chief Digital Officer at Mastercard. He echoes WIZZIT’s sentiments around the concepts of “co-innovation” and collaboration.

In bridging the digital divide we have to streamline access and onboarding and ensure that we deliver products that meet the needs and demands of the market. The Digital products have to be seamless and user friendly whilst at the same time ensuring safety and security. Nothing can be more insecure or dangerous as cash – a point that is often forgotten in the discussions around the increase in digital crime.

WIZZIT are in the final throes of pilot certification and for an entrepreneurial Fintech this has been a very tough and expensive experience. We do appreciate that it has to be done and are grateful for the support we have had from the likes of Mastercard and Visa but there is no doubt that this certification creates massive barriers to entry for innovation and significantly delays launch to market.

It would be interesting to hear the views of readers in this regard.

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